Not Giving Up 2 (Deleted Scenes)

Deleted Scenes
It’s been a tough month. Zoey is resilient. She started seeing her psychiatrist on a weekly basis. Her flashbacks had started getting worse again. I had to get Zoey help when she slapped the shit out of me while I was sleep. I couldn’t believe what was happening. She was at war with herself again trying to fight off Martin in her sleep. I hate seeing her that way. Zoey fell out of the bed because she was trying to run away. It broke my heart in two. Seeing my fiancé, my woman go through such a horrible ordeal. It just made it more clear in my mind what I needed to do. I will be the one who wraps my hands around Martins neck and chokes that motherfucker to death.
What I don’t tell Zoey is that every night after work I go out to our house that I’m having built. I made them build a shooting range under the house. I practice my shooting skill every night. I’m not the polished good boy everyone has made me out to be. My childhood friend Shawn Dalton has gotten into his share of trouble growing up. Let’s just say that I have bailed him out of some very tough situations. When Jacob asked me if I still knew how to shoot a gun, I down played it a bit. I feel like Karma has come back to bite me in more ways than one. Not just fucking over all these women but the shit, I cleaned up for Shawn. For the first time in a long time its been quiet when it comes to Shawn. Usually I hear from him between three and six months; but its been longer. I wonder if I should call him but shit I can’t get caught up in the fast lane anymore. Shawn went away to school at Louisiana State. He was drafted at the age of twenty-one into the major leagues. He went away to college only to come back home and play for the Red Sox. He was recently traded to the New York Yankees. The women were plentiful when he played for Boston but shit when he became a New York Yankee player the amount of women quadrupled. Shawn has a temper and if someone challenges him he can be known to go a little over board. Growing up he use to talk shit and was quickly known for backing it up. He broke a boys nose in 7th grade. My mother said Shawn had a hot head and he better learn to turn away from confrontation or he would have a rough time later in life. His families’ wealth allowed him to get out of every troublesome situation. Shawn is the heir to the rubber band thrown. His father put him in baseball camps to challenge the rage. Shawn’s mother died in plane crash when he was fourteen. That’s when his temper intensified. He never had to do anything in life but it seemed like the only thing that slowed him down was baseball. As long as Shawn was on the field, he was able to channel that energy.

“Good morning Dad,” I said as I closed the door then took a seat.
“Son how are you doing?” he asked as he reclined in his seat removing his reading glasses from his face.
“I’m doing fine.”
“Are you sure son?”
“Dad what is going on?”
He leaned forward in his chair. “Some of the staff came to me this morning expressing their concern about you. They said you called the patient Zoey,” he said looking me right in my eyes.
I leaned forward dropping my head in my hands. “The situation just hit home and I saw Zoey and I desperately wanted to save the woman’s life.”
“Brandon do you need more time off work?”
“No I’m fine.”
My dad walked from behind his desk sitting next to me in the chair next to me.
He placed his hand on my shoulder as I stared off into the distance. “Son how are you doing?”
“I don’t know what happened but I lost it. I cried uncontrollably like a little boy. “Why is this happening to me? Why is this happening to us? I went through so much to get Zoey to come back should I have just left her in Charleston. If I had she would be alright. Is the universe trying to tell me we are not supposed to be together. What is our life going to look like she keeps having these fucking nightmares. It’s tearing me apart seeing her go through that,” I said as I stood to walk over to the window.
“Son take the rest of the day off. You need to get it together. You can’t fall apart in my hospital!”
“You’re right dad I will take some time to myself.”
My dad now stood before me. “Brandon I don’t mean go to that house and shoot all night.”
“Dad its how I handle things.”
“Zoey things or Shawn things.”
“Shit dad both! I haven’t heard from Shawn in a long time,” I replied gazing at the traffic below.
“Good! I hope his troubled ass never calls you again. You’ve done too much. Its time for it to stop.”
“Dad he’s my friend!”
“No he’s not! He-.”
My father turned me to look at him he placed his hands on my face. “Son no friend asks you to do what he did,” he said slapping my cheek then returning to his seat behind his desk.
“Bye dad,” I replied walking out of his office.

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