Relentless Chase Coming Soon

Writing Relentless Chase is exhilarating! I have a few more scenes to write. Once complete the book will be off to the editor and a release date will be set.


Sydney Chambers is a successful attorney who dates the successful Sports Agent Jonathan Myers. From the outside looking in they are the perfect couple.However, they have a slight problem. She wants a family and he doesn’t.

When Sydney meets Sebastian, she can’t get him out of her head. He’s mysterious and sexy. She’s never dated anyone outside of her race and doesn’t know if she can. Will she get past it and possibly find true love?

Sebastian wants to know more about Ms. Chambers. When he meets with her a second time he some how ends up in the friend zone. Will he be able to turn the situation around?

Sydney and Sebastian

Sebastian is in a constant fight with himself. He desperately wants Sydney but at what cost? Just when he thinks he’s done with Sydney she comes back into his life and reminds him of what he is willing to give up to be with her. Sydney lets him into her life in her own way. They face several challenges all while trying to get to know one another. Will Sydney give up her precious relationship with her family to be with Sebastian?

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