Relentless Chase 2 Excerpt (Unedited)


I sat there watching him mull all over my woman through a grueling lunch and dinner. I wanted to slit his throat and watch him bleed out. He was a disrespectful maggot who had a fetish for black women. I was watching a horror movie play out right before my eyes. My woman barely made eye contact with me! But, when she did I saw a hint of an apology behind her eyes. Fuck! No man can have her. Sydney belongs to me!

I inhaled deeply then exhaled before entering Colts room. I watched from the shadows of the darkness. The words that fell out of his mouth about pleasing her caused me to cringe. Seeing his eyes roam her body made me snap. There would be no him pleasing my woman; ever! I had a job to do but my personal feelings for Sydney clouded my judgment. I’m a trained officer of the law. Not just any officer; the CIA. I’m trained to handle the most strenuous of situations but when it comes to Sydney Chambers I have one duty to protect her; fuck the mission! Just like that, I almost destroyed the mission. The sheer terror on her face when she glanced at me then Colt she saw in my eyes what I was capable of and tried to stop me by saying she needed to fix it. Needed to protect me. She didn’t know I didn’t need protecting. What was it about me that made her think she needed to protect me? Was it my Cyber geek side or the billionaire she felt she needed to protect? I always knew she was a spitfire but a bad ass too?! When she retrieved the gun from her bra strap then drew her weapon on Colt, I got an instant hard on. Even while she stood there half naked for him. I wanted to blow his fucking brains out then take her against the wall.

Sick right? What can I say she is my weakness. I love her with everything in me. My heart leapt out of my chest. Of course, I haven’t told Sydney any of this but I would marry her on a mountaintop. We just need a Minister no best man, no maid of honor just me and my bride to be and a helicopter waiting in the distance.

I finally allowed my boss and our team into the room.

“Jesus Johansen! What happened?” My boss Randy asked staring at me confused.

“We got into a heated argument about his contact. He came at me with a knife then I shot him.”

The knife was on the floor. I made sure his finger prints were on the weapon.

Randy glanced over his shoulder. “Jackson rope off the room and assess the crime scene.” He turned his attention back to me. “Johansen, where is your girlfriend?”

“She went shopping sir.”

“Did she suspect anything?”

“Not at all sir.”

“Good! Did Felder give you the information?”

“No, but I was able to obtain the information we needed myself sir. A team needs to be sent to Surgut, Russia. I’ll send the coordinates to your cell.”

He patted my shoulder a couple of times. “Good work Johansen!”

“Thanks sir!”

“We won’t allow the press to learn about Felder’s death so you keep his contact distracted, allowing us time to capture him. I will reach out to you at O’800 while the team is in the air. Now get out of here. We don’t want to make your girlfriend suspicious.”

“Goodnight sir.”

I went back to my room took a shower then walked down the street to the restaurant where Sydney asked me to meet her. Before I arrived the turn of events from that night festered in my head making me angrier at Sydney. I wondered how long Felder had been her target. Who was she? And who did she work for?  I just needed a moment to reflect on what just happened. I wasn’t expecting her to break up with me. After our heated discussion. Sydney took off running. I ran down the street after her. She was crying excessively. I’ll never forget the look in her eyes. Distrust. Like she didn’t know me. Her eyes were cold as her body shook in my arms. I hated myself. I made her not trust me. My heart broke into a million pieces that day when my woman ran out of my life. I never thought she wouldn’t return to Atlanta. Thank God I found her. I won’t ever make that mistake again. Being here with her in L.A. feels right. Its cool Jacob wanted to hang out on his yacht to do a little fishing and just kick it. I need to relax a little.


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