I know everyone is eager for the remainder of this hot series to drop!

I love Sebastian and Sydney. I enjoy taking my characters through it all. I think it makes it that much sweeter when they survive and can be forever in love.

Someone asked me why would there be a need for book 3. Sometimes as I’m writing I see a bigger picture or shall I say an extra juicy jaw dropping plot twist you wouldn’t see coming.

That being said there were some intricate story lines I wanted to add and in order to do that I needed to create book 3.

The one visual I have seen in my mind I had to add in book 3. This special scene shows how heart broken Sebastian was without Sydney and the lengths he would go through to be near Sydney.

Relentless Chase 2 release date September 22, 2017

Relentless Chase 3 release date September 29, 2017














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