Samantha Posey Series Excerpts

Here are some very special parts of my novels. You get a sneak peek at Samantha Posey and Jacob Latters.

Love Conquers


These have been the hardest six weeks ever. I finally got to spend time with my husband. It’s been bitter sweet no drama and no sex! Damn it’s been hard! Now don’t get me wrong I do my wifely duties. I am quick to get on my knees and service my husband! I love to see the relief in his face when he is able to release the cum from his dick; all over my breast or in my mouth. The first three weeks we didn’t get a lot of sleep. For the past two weeks, watching that fine specimen of a man walk around the house has been hard. And I do mean fine! I get what all the fuss is about because I get to enjoy every inch of that man most times. However, he’s mines and I’m not going to fret about it. Recently I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night to sleep down the hall in one of the seven bedrooms. The temptation was becoming too great. One night Jacob came down to the room right when I was in the mist of satisfying myself. The door was locked but Jacob demanded I open it. When I opened the door he swept me into his arms, kicked the door closed and laid me down on the bed. He told me that he is supposed to satisfy me. He pulled my lips into his making me melt inside with lust. He took his time with me. He brought tears to my eyes the way he gently kissed my sore breast. I felt so loved. He slid his tongue straight down to my core. I could have exploded the moment he circled his tongue around my clit. I grabbed his hair with such force I almost ripped it from the roots. Shit what can I say I needed and longed to be pleased. But when Jacob put his signature twist on it using those deep vocals to speak into my pussy telling me how good I tasted I exploded instantly! I am so happy Jacob asked me out this evening. He has no idea that we are getting a hotel room so we can finally making love.


It has become just about impossible to resist Samantha. When we first came home she wore sweat suits which is not the norm for Samantha. But I understood after all she had gone through then giving birth on top of everything. I just wanted her to feel like herself and relax. The nightmares had subsided and I finally had my wife back. Taking care of a screaming baby is really hard work. Once we got past the first three weeks Charlotte was on a normal sleeping schedule. Samantha finally ditched the sweat suites for t-shirts and short shorts. That’s when things became hard maybe I should’ve asked her to put the sweat suits back on because it didn’t take much for my dick to get hard. If she bent over to pick up something off the floor or damn near anything in those shorts got my dick got hard. I only needed to make it just a little longer and I could make love to my wife. Samantha must have also not been able to handle the pressure because she started sleeping down the hall. I really don’t get it she should have known I would come down and sleep with her any ways. I started pleasing her every night I couldn’t help myself. One night I got in the bed pulling her close to me. Once my dick grazed her fat ass I lost it. I became a cave man. I devoured every part of her. I looked into her eyes and I could see it. The need for us to be with each other was strong. I pushed my tongue into her mouth not wanting to let her tongue go. I licked her neck and sucked on her ear whispering in her ear how I needed to be inside her. She didn’t say a word. I quickly removed my pajama pants turned her over on her stomach. I ran my tongue in circles on her ass driving her crazy. She begged me to stop. I flipped her back over and I immediately put my face between her legs. I licked her from her ass to her clit driving her insane. I slowly pushed my tongue inside her. I thrusted my tongue in and out until she came hard in my mouth. I came up for air only to see that she almost wanted me more than I wanted her. I moved back up to her lips licking them. She pushed her tongue deep into my mouth as she held my dick in her hand whispering she needed me inside her. I rubbed my dick against her pussy as she moaned for me to enter her. I sat back and ran my hand over my wet beard tossing it over in my mind then I told her no. I said we can make it just a little while longer. I laid down beside her to go to sleep but Samantha sat up took my dick in her hand and began licking then sucking my dick. I grabbed her hair pushing her head up and down faster and faster until I came. Tonight we are finally going out. The six week wait is over and I get to make love to my wife.

Their Love is Unbreakable

She starts to walk into the bedroom but she hears voices so she doesn’t go in.
“Are you going to enjoy the party out there or in here with me?” the lady asks.
“You go enjoy the party I’m going to chill here,” says Jacob.
Samantha peeks in the door Jacob is laying on the bed looking at his phone. The lady leans down kissing his neck. Samantha is pissed. She busts in the room.
“Get the fuck out!”
“No he doesn’t want me to leave!”
“Bitch get the fuck out!” says Samantha. She grabs her by her hair tossing her out the room and closing the door.
Jacob sits up.
“Samantha you can’t do that. People can sue us!” says Jacob.
“You didn’t interject,” she says. “Jacob she was kissing you on your neck!”
“Samantha I’m trying to chill. Why do you care? Sorry that was wrong for me to say! Let me rephrase it differently. You’re my wife they wish they were you. I wasn’t going to do anything with her. Why are you so insecure all of sudden? I asked you to come here with me and you refused. So don’t trip out about it!”
“You know what Jacob fuck you! You want things your way only! I’m sorry if I’m insecure all of a sudden. You never gave me a reason in the past we were always together. Maybe you don’t want me anymore!”
“Samantha fucking stop! What time did you get here?” he asks.
“Samantha sit down!”
“She crosses her arms.”
She sits down on the bed but not close.
“Samantha let me try to explain this to you. I was single for a long time. Here in Miami that’s how they still see me. I will do better at making sure they don’t cross the line. “I only want you,” he says pulling her close kissing her lips. “I love you.”
She kisses him as his hand rests on her ass under her dress.
“Jacob I’m worried about you!” she says looking into his green eyes.
“Babe don’t be, I’m fine.”
He removes her panties. She jumps up to lock the door.
“Come here,” he says.
She unbuttons his shirt revealing his gorgeous tanned chest. He removes her dress.
“Samantha you’re going to have to keep it down.”
“Jacob I don’t think they’ll hear me, the music is so loud.”
She straddles him. He rubs each breast before leaning up taking turns cupping each one taking them into his mouth. He licks her brown areola before sucking each brown nipple; making them hard.
“Samantha,” he whispers against her chest, his deep voice causing her body to vibrate with need for him.
Jacob looks into her big brown eyes.
“I’m happy you’re here,” he smiles.
She blushes. He pushes his tongue past her lips so their tongues can dance so perfectly.
“Do you want me to make love to you right now?”
“Yes baby,” she murmurs.
He lays her underneath him. He runs his hand up and down her folds between her legs while kissing her neck. He makes his way down tasting her pussy, flicking his tongue on her clit making her go wild for him. He tongues her sweet hole causing her first orgasm to rise. He drinks her sweet juices. Jacob can’t get enough of her.
“I missed being between your legs every night.”
He twirls his tongue around in her center spot making her cum again this time accompanying a loud scream.
“Samantha you have got to quiet down!” breathing hard he says looking up at her.
“Sorry it just feels so damn good,” she moans then bites her lip. “Jacob come here.”
Their eyes meet then their tongues collide tasting her own sweet self. He pushes her legs back, thrusting inside her slowly in a circular motion. She moves with him meeting each thrust.
“Damn Mrs. Latters you feel so good!” he says slamming into her in long strokes. “Whose is it?”
Samantha holds on to Jacobs arms for dear life.
She gives him the cutest sexiest look.
“It’s yours baby,” she whispers.
“Samantha when I say we’re leaving next time that’s what we are doing!” he says in a deep intimidating tone. Does your pretty brown ass understand?” He looks at her with a serious gaze as his hair falls in his face.
She doesn’t respond. He grabs both her legs.
“Do you want to cum?”
“Do you understand that I’m your husband and I decide what’s best for us?”
She reaches for his arms again, “Yes baby I understand. I will do as you say.”
He positions himself sitting on his knees pulling her ass onto his lap to hit her g-spot. He takes long strokes until she explodes. He put his hand over her mouth while she screams. Jacob lays down next to her placing his hand on her shaking leg. She stares up at the ceiling then looks over at him. He leans on his elbow looking at her rubbing her stomach.

On the Rocks?

Here’s my ‘STEAMY’ post! I won’t say which book this is from but if you read book 1 you’ll know! I had to take some stuff out not to give to much away:

He hugs her again running his hands all over her body. It feels so good being wrapped in his arms. His amazing smelling cologne is breaking me down I want to fuck him right here in the living room. She takes him by the hand leading him upstairs to her bedroom.
She takes off most of his clothes leaving on his boxers. She gets in the bed with him.
Samantha sits up in the bed looking down at Jacob as he lays there looking back at her.
“Samantha I need you!” He sits up proceeding to kiss her neck.
“Baby! No not like this.”
“Baby do you have any idea what you do to me? When I think of you I get hard, so that being said I had to see you.”
Samantha first feels uneasy, but still wants and needs her man. She is tired of living alone. He continues on his path down between her thighs. Jacob spreads her legs making sure he licks her labia and clit to completely satisfy her. Not looking up from his conquest Jacob murmurs, “I love pleasing you baby!” Samantha tries not to scream, but she can’t control herself. Her hands run through his hair. Her facial expressions are of nothing but pleasure. She’s sure she woke her parents but she doesn’t care. She pulls him up.
“Make love to me,” she yearns.
He picks one leg at time kissing each one. Jacob takes one of her feet in hand and starts sucking her toes one by one while looking into her eyes.
“Oh shit Jacob!”
“Are you ready?”
“Jacob oh yes!” she moans.
I want you to come again and again,” he says.
“Damn your wet.”
“I need you,” she moans running her hands through her hair.
He pulls her up towards him turning her around pulling her down on his erection. Samantha slowly grinds in circle on him. He aggressively rubs her breast as he breaths heavily in her ear kissing her neck. Samantha drops her head back against his shoulder from how good it feels. She continues to move in a circular motion as he meets her rhythm. She reaches up grabbing his hair kissing his lips.
“Oh baby!” she says.
“Who’s pussy is it Samantha?” he’s asks whiling rubbing her clit.
“Yours,” Samantha murmurs while losing control.
“You left without giving me what’s mines.” He grabs her hips slamming into her repeatedly. He feels her body convulse as she has multiple orgasms.
She lets out a loud groan as she cums hard.
“Yes Jacob!” she screams.
Jacob lays her under him. He rubs her clit while he makes love to her. They look into each others eyes while he hovers over her. Samantha pulls him closer circling her tongue around the inside of his mouth right before they cum together. He lay down next to her pulling her close.
“Jacob I miss you and I need you.”
“Samantha even with all our problems I can get through them with you in my corner.”
She smiles.
Baby I’m here now he smiles kissing her lips with such passion. Jacob wants to be back with his wife. He holds her in his arms as he drifts off to sleep. She is happy to know he wants to come back home. She loves having her sexy husband back in her bed he still gives her butterflies. Samantha watches him sleep for just a little bit. She runs her hand through his hair, kisses his forehead and goes to sleep.

Gold Digger?

Picture this, someone interviews me and asks, ‘How do you feel about your boyfriend being an heir to billions?’ All I would be able to say is, ‘I’m sorry he just does a little show called Demons Within!’ And when are you going to ask me to sign a Prenup? Right before we walk down the aisle?!” she yells.

“Keep it down,” he says in a calm voice.

“Why should I? They think I’m a gold digger anyway!” she yells. “I’m not signing it!”

He starts walking toward her backing her up against the wall. He put his hand on the wall next to her head.

“I’ll say it again.  I’m not signing!” she says.

He kisses her on the lips.

“So you’re not signing?”

“No!” she replies in a stern voice.

He rips her shirt open which makes her instantly hot for him.

“Don’t worry, with all the money I have, I’ll buy you another one!” he says.

His mother could hear them kissing heavily. He pulls up her skirt, removes her panties and unbuttons her skirt letting it fall to the floor.

She is breathing heavily; barely able to contain herself. He runs his hand down her stomach between her legs.

“I see you’re ready for me,” he says.

He takes off his shoes and pants.  She then rips open his shirt. He picks her up as she gasps when he enters her.

“Are you turned on by what I’m doing to you or the money?” he asks.

She looks angry. Looking at the door they see a lurking shadow.

“So it’s about the money right?” he asks. He shakes his head yes and mouths, “Just go with it.”

“Yes it’s all about the money,” she yells.

With her legs around his waist, he thrust faster and faster pushing her up and down.

She moans, “Oh God oh God!”

He pulls her hair back kissing her neck. “You’re my dirty little slut aren’t you?” he asks.

“Yes! Yes!” she shouts.

He thrust hard inside her.

She forgets someone is outside the door as they cum together. Her arms grip his neck tight as she shivers. She pushes her tongue into his mouth kissing him as their heads move from side to side.  They just can’t seem to get close enough. He turns around throwing her on the bed. He leans over to kiss her.

“We will talk about this later,” he says.

The 1940’s Party

The day of the party Samantha wakes Jacob with a kiss.

“Happy birthday!” she says.

He smiles.

“Sorry I have to run!” she says.

He grabs her arm.

“Stay with me!”

“Babe, I have to meet Nicki.”

She has on a white cut off tank, cut up jean shorts, cowgirl boots with a big grey and black oversized sweater. Her hair is piled on the top of her head wrapped over once in a scrunchie.

She arranges for a courier to deliver Jacobs itinerary for the day. She spends most of her day making sure everything is perfect. Jacob sleeps in a little longer after she leaves. He has to get up to meet Mr. Silverman to go over the plan for tonight. The buzzer to the gate rings.

“Who is it?” asks Jacob.

“It’s the courier. I have a package for you.”

He doesn’t trust anyone so he tells them he will come to the gate. He signs for the package then opens the envelope.

It reads: Hi Baby, today is your very special day and I have some great things planned for you. First, you are going to play golf with Todd at 2 p.m. The car will take you home to shower and change. At 4:30 p.m. you will go to the tailor. You will receive further instruction from there. Happy Birthday! Love, Samantha.

Jacob smiles.

Jacob is so happy but sad at the same time because he knows what is coming. It is 11 a.m. and he has to meet with Mr. Silverman at 1 p.m.

“Hello I’m here to see Mr. Silverman. My name is Jacob Latters.”

The receptionist tells Mr. Silverman Jacob is here to see him. “You can go right in. Mr. Silverman is waiting for you.”

“Hello Mr. Silverman.”

“How are you doing son?”

“As well as can be expected considering the situation,”

“What is the plan?”

“Go to the party tonight with your woman, enjoy yourself and at the end of the night my guys will take her; don’t react! They need to think she’s home. We will have a decoy there. You will get a call that your Granddad had a heart attack and you will need to fly out immediately; leaving your girlfriend home alone. When you get back contact your father and tell him your girlfriend has been kidnapped. In due time we will blackmail them so that they leave you both alone. Then, you can reunite with Ms. Posey.”

Jacob drops his head in his hands.

“Ok, I will get through it somehow.

“I have her clothes here and in the other bag is the 500k,” says Jacob.

“It will get better! This will be our last face to face meeting,” says Mr. Silverman.

Jacob put on his baseball cap and shades.  Leaving the building he drives away in his Land Rover on the way to the golf course.

“Hey man, you’re late,” says Todd.

“Sorry, I got caught up.”

“Happy Birthday!”


“Did you let your fans on social media know what you are doing on your birthday?” asks Todd.

Jacob says. “Oh shit!”

He immediately communicates with his fans telling them about his day and that he would send pictures throughout the day. He posts a picture of him teeing off. All though his day is about to be rocked in the worst way, he tries remain positive for his fans.

“So buddy, do you know what the big surprise is for me tonight?” asks Jacob.

Todd hit the ball and misses the green. “Gosh darn it!”

“What?” asks Todd. “No how would I know!”

“Man it doesn’t matter if I know anything. You won’t know until tonight.”

The two friends clowned around while drinking a few brews.

“I’m trying to get past the fact that my family were slave owners,” says Jacob.

“Man I thought you knew your family are horrible people!”

“Thanks for telling me like it is!”

“What did Samantha say?”

“She’s pretty pissed but we will get through it somehow,” says Jacob.

“She must be ok she’s got this big night planned!”

“Shit man!” says Todd.

“What the fuck man? You can’t keep a secret!”

Meanwhile, Samantha is making sure Vito has everything he needs to make tonight exceptional.

“Don’t forget you will come out to inform the crowd on what you’re serving. Its an important piece of the film and era,” says Samantha.

“Got it Samantha,” says Vito. “We’ve been doing this for a long time, but this is the first time I’ve seen you nervous!”

“I know,” she laughs nervously.

Samantha receives a text from Jacob asking her where she is and what is she doing?

“In due time you will know what’s going on,” she text back.

Then Jacob face times her:

“What are you doing?” he asks. Samantha immediately put the phone up to her chest and runs upstairs to an empty room sitting on the floor. She put the phone up in front of her.

“I just wanted to see your pretty face. I miss you and I would really rather spend the whole day with you,” he says.

Samantha smiles.  “Me too! But you’re going to love what I have planned!”

“Can I just see you face to face for a minute?”

“As much as I want to give in, no Jacob. You’ll have me all to yourself later!”

“Somehow I doubt that Samantha.” He says in a sad tone.

“Jacob, is everything ok?”

“Yeah everything is fine. I will continue to follow your itinerary.”

Samantha smiles.

“I have to get back, I will see you later on,” says Samantha.

After getting off the phone with Samantha he tried to remain positive and not think about the outcome of tonight. He and Todd get their haircut and he sends pictures to the fans. Later the car picks him up from the house to take him to Joe, his personal tailor.

“Hello Jacob. Happy Birthday!” says Joe.

“Thank you. What do you have for me to try on today?”

“I have a white and black tuxedo for you.”

When Joe brings the suit out, he notices the cut is different. “Nice!” says Jacob.

It fit perfectly.

Joe gives Jacob a note. You will now be taken to another location to get ready for tonight.

Please take the tuxedo with you to your next destination, Samantha.

Joe gives him the Tuxedo and other accessories in a garment bag. Jacob arrives at this very plush salon. Some fans spot him as they walk by taking pictures of him walking in the salon.

The stylist greets him, “Hello Mr. Latters. My name is Amy and I will be doing your hair and make-up.” He says, “Make up really!”

She replies, “Yes.”

She gives him a 1940’s era hair style. He has a part on the side and slicked to the back on the other side.

He says, “A 1940s cut huh? So this is a themed birthday party.”

Amy just smiles.

“You can put on your clothes in the dressing room.”

When he exits the dressing room he is dapper. He looks like a movie star from the 40’s. His hair is styled like the famous actors from that era.

He wears a white Tuxedo jacket with popping cufflinks, black bow tie, black slacks and black shoes. There is a photographer there to take his pictures.

He asks the guy to take a picture with his phone so he can post the pictures to his social media accounts. Jacob steps out of the door to the paparazzi snapping lots of photos of him.

He never knows how but there are always fans there shouting his name and telling him happy birthday. He thanked his fans and took selfies with them. Everyone asks where’s the party?

“I don’t know my girlfriend didn’t tell me,” says Jacob. “I’m just along for the ride tonight.”

At the party, Samantha is in hair and makeup. She’s wearing a cream designer gown beaded and pleated in the front with loose fitting shoulders, the mid low back is pleated and gathered at her butt with a short train. Her sandy brown hair is in two French rolls with an ocean wave in the front of one and two huge spiral curls hanging down the back of her head.

She is wearing long fake lashes, a gorgeous crimson red lipstick, and red high heels. Nicki enters the room.

“Jacob is here!”

Samantha’s heart pounds in her chest. Samantha’s team put their finishing touches on her so she can greet him and the guest.

Jacob arrives at the venue stepping out of a Vintage Rolls Royce onto the red carpet. He speaks to many friends and acquaintances and takes lots of pictures.

Many guests are already inside the party. Jacob isn’t expecting all of this.

“What a way to have a birthday party!” says Chad Sanchez.

“Are you surprised Mr. Latters?”

“Yes I’m stunned in a great way,” he replies.

“Who’s giving you this birthday bash?”

“My girlfriend Samantha Posey,” he replies.

Jane approaches Jacob after his interview.

“Hello Jacob!” says Jane.

“Hi Jane.”

“Right this way.”

He approaches the top of the staircase.

“Stand here for just a moment,” says Jane.

The DJ speaks over the loud speaker: “Introducing Jacob Latters!”

He stands there with his hands in his pockets then he waves to everyone. The DJ says, “Happy Birthday Jacob!”

The crowd applauds. Then out of nowhere Samantha appears at the bottom of the stairs. Jacob stands at the top of the stairs looking down at her. He walks down the long stair case still waving at a lot of people but trying to get to her. When he reaches the bottom of the stairs David passes him the mic.

“Thank you!” says Jacob.

Jacob hugs Samantha. While still holding Samantha he spoke to the crowd.

“I hope you all don’t mind if I thank this beautiful woman for throwing me such a wonderful party!”

The crowd cheers. She wraps her arms around his neck. He kisses Samantha for a long time. He then dips her to finish the kiss. She takes in her man’s wonderful smelling cologne and his overwhelming dreaminess. Samantha is not expecting such a warm welcome.

She is so happy that her lipstick didn’t come off on his lips since all the cameras are snapping. He looks at her, smiles before turning to the crowd. He makes his way to the stage.

“This is such a great party. The 1940’s is one of my favorite eras! See my woman knows me too well!” Someone yells, “Were you surprised?!”

In his deep sexy voice he replies, “Very!”

Samantha smiles.

Jacob goes on to say, “I just want to thank you all for coming to celebrate my birthday with me tonight!”

Jacob exited the stage. His hostess is there waiting for him.

“My name is Beth. I’m your hostess for tonight. I will escort you around the party and I will always have your drinks ready.”

“You need to take pictures with the cake and then with the fans Ms. Posey invited,” says Beth.

Samantha invited some of his very devoted fans to partake in the festivities.  Jacob cared a lot about his fans.

Jacob feels that’s a really nice touch inviting his fans and would like to keep doing that in the future. He spent time getting to know them and took pictures and signed autographs.

“How are you all enjoying the party?” he says.

“We love it! Please thank Ms. Posey for inviting us!” says one of the fans.

“I certainly will.”

They tell him she’s a keeper!

Jacob replies, “That she is!”

Beth comes over with his whiskey and a cigar.

“Where to next?”

“Wherever you’d like Mr. Latters.”

“Over to Samantha please.”

Jacob says a lot of hellos and thank yous before getting to Samantha.

He grabs Samantha’s hand whispering in her ear, “Is there somewhere we can go that is private?”


“That will be all for now Beth,” said Samantha.

Jacob grabs another drink before Beth leaves then follows Samantha to the elevator. They go upstairs to the room where she got dressed.

“I need everyone to clear the room so we can have some privacy,” said Samantha. Jacob goes over to lock the door. He walks over to Samantha.

“Let me look at you!” He twirls her around. “You look absolutely beautiful.”

He put his arms around her waist while gazing into her eyes as they dance to the music they can hear playing downstairs.

“Your cologne smells so good it makes me want to peel your clothes off!”

“Oh do you,” says Jacob.

They danced for a while enjoying the serenity of being in each others arms. She pulls her head from his shoulder. He put his hand on her face to kiss her. He backs her up against the wall passionately kissing her.

“I love you,” she says.

“I love you too!”

He looks at her.

“Do you trust me?”

“Yes,” replies Samantha.

He then places both hands on her face and looks her in the eyes and says, “Do you really trust me? Do you know I would do anything to protect you including put my life on the line for you?”

“Jacob you’re scaring me! What’s wrong?”

“Nothing! Just know I will stop at nothing to make you my wife, he says as he kisses her again now unzipping her dress.

“Jacob no. It took so much for me to look like this!”

“I will have the girls come in and touch you up”.

She then climbs out of her dress laying it on the couch. He takes his jacket off and lays it on the couch.

She kisses him as she unbuttons his shirt and undoes his bow tie. He removes the rest of his clothes. Jacob lays her on the couch. Still kissing him she wraps her legs around him. She wants him inside her so bad. She moans as he enters her. She kisses him while looking in his eyes. He thrust inside her over and over. His fingers intertwine with hers. You can hear nothing but their rapid breathing as he kisses her full bottom lip. He then kisses her neck as they climax together.  They are unaware of the time and they make mad passionate love as if it is the last time they would see each other. After they are done, she lay in his arms in silence, “Jacob I feel like something isn’t right. Something you’re not telling me.”

“Listen, let me handle the situation ok!” he says in an angry tone as they get dressed.


Jacob stands in front of Samantha placing his hands on her face as he looks into her eyes.

“Samantha I’m sorry. I’m asking you to trust me no matter what happens.”

Samantha could see the worry in his eyes. “Baby I trust you will protect me.”

He text Nicki: “Please have Samantha’s Makeup team come up to the room.

Jacob looks in the mirror fixing his hair. He still looks impeccable. Samantha’s hair needs to be touched up. Jacob picks up his cigar goes over to the chair where Samantha is sitting and gives her a kiss on the cheek before leaving the room. His hostess is there waiting.

He said, “Can you get me a whiskey please?”

He mingles and then goes to the cigar room to party with his closest friends.

All throughout the night he takes pictures posting them on social media. They joke and talk sports before he goes back onto the stage to ask if everyone is having a good time?”

“Samantha Posey can you come to the stage please?” asks Jacob.

She comes onto the stage.

“Everyone give my beautiful girlfriend Samantha Posey and her team a round of applause. They did an absolute wonderful job on this Birthday Bash for me! I didn’t have look for anyone to get me anything tonight because the lovely Beth had been walking around with me all night. My own personal hostess! I love it!”

“Will you all join me and give a round of applause to Samantha for making the night so grand!

Samantha takes the mic. “Thank you all for coming to share in such a wonderful time for Jacob who turned 30! It looks good on him doesn’t it?” The crowd laughs she continues, “I would like to invite Vito Galard to the stage he will tell you what is on our menu tonight.”

Samantha and Jacob make their way to their table. While dinner is being served, Nicki introduces the 1940’s band.  They talk over dinner and laugh at things that has happened throughout the night.

“It’s a little weird having your own person at your beck and call!”

“I know, but I thought it would be nice for you to not have to do anything yourself for tonight.”

“Would you like to dance?”

“Yes!” replies Samantha.

They dance as they take in the room. Many pictures are taken of them.

“This party is my gift to you.  I paid for this party out of my trust fund,” says Samantha.

I figure you do everything else for me; fortunately I am able to afford this for you.

“Thanks baby!” says Jacob.

Their friends came out to dance with them to their favorite songs.  They stayed on the floor for about 4 songs.

While Jacob is speaking with someone, Samantha goes upstairs to look down at the guests to see how people are enjoying the party. Jacob looks around for Samantha and his heart drops.

He asks his hostess, “Where did Samantha go?”

“Upstairs,” says Beth.

Jacob finds Samantha looking out the window at the city lights. Jacob closes and locks the door. He wraps his arms around Samantha’s waist kissing her shoulder.

“What’s on your mind?”

“I always like to watch people enjoy my parties from a distance. It looks much different in the background. I’m really wondering if you like the party,” she says turning around.

Samantha smiles at Jacob. “Well what do you think Mr. Latters?”

“I think you out did yourself?  I am very pleased!”

“I’m happy you like it,” she said kissing him.

“Samantha you know I want nothing more than for you to be my wife?”

“Yes that is what you have told me,” she says gleaming.

He pulls her by the hand to the back of the room.

“Samantha I think that you think I’m just saying this.”

She can tell he is getting upset.  He sits down on the couch putting his head in his hands.  She knows now he is serious.

Samantha sits on the couch next to him grabbing his face.

“Baby I know it’s just you and me forever.”

She kisses his lips. She has never seen Jacob so serious.  It is almost scary.  Samantha stands up removes her glamorous gown.  Jacob watches as her dress falls to the floor.  She removes everything but her stilettos.

She stands in front of Jacob as he grabs her ass pulling her close kissing her sweet spot.  She pulls his face up and shakes her head.

Samantha gets down on her knees removes his jacket and unties his bowtie.

She slowly unbuttons his shirt kissing his chest.  There are no words, only desire spoken in their eyes.

She goes on taking off his shoes and socks doing this as his caring woman.

“Jacob my goal is to make you totally happy.”

She unbuckles his pants and removes them along with his boxers.  They are now both naked. Samantha grabs a pillow off the couch placing it under her knees.

“Jacob don’t touch me,” she whispers in his ear.

She runs her tongue along his earlobe, licking the inner lobe. She places her hands on his face covering his mouth with her own, kissing him passionately.  Samantha kisses and sucks his neck.  Jacob starts groaning.  She can tell he is struggling not to touch her.  She wants this night to be all about Jacob.

“I smile when I think of our first encounter in the hospital cafeteria,” Jacob smiles.  “I wanted to talk to you the whole day,” he says.

Samantha blushes. She rubs his shoulders while kissing his chest.

Samantha licks and sucks his right nipple. Samantha looks at Jacob who is in pure bliss.

She continues on to his left nipple.  Jacob lay back against the couch pillows while Samantha remains in control.

She massages his inner thighs while she runs her tongue below his belly button in circular motion. Samantha grabs his dick.

She sits back on her knees, “This is my favorite part of your body to please,” she says biting her bottom lip and winking.  He watches as she grabs his staff and licks it up and down while they watch each other. Jacobs breathing is rushed.  Samantha licks and sucks, taking it all in before running her soft hand up and down. She moves her head back and forth repeatedly, his long staff hitting her tonsils.

She is determined to bring him great pleasure.

Jacob leans his head back holding on tight to the leather couch trying hard not to touch Samantha. Samantha stops to stroke up and down. Jacob looks down at her as she arches her back grabs his staff stroking it before sucking again.

She looks at him intently.  He reaches over to rub her back as she grabs his dick; taking all of him in her mouth.

“Shit Samantha!”

“Come for me baby,” she says.

Samantha sucks faster and faster until he explodes in her mouth.

She swallows every drop then licks her lips. Jacob grabs her up into his arms vigorously kissing her lips.

“Baby you were incredible,” he says placing his face in her breast.

He places one breast in his mouth while playing with her clit. Samantha drops her head on his neck.

“Jacob I’m going to cum,” she moans.

“Not yet,” he murmurs.

He lays her down on her stomach.  Wanting to remember every part of her.  He bends over her, kissing each shoulder blade.

His hard staff rubs Samantha’s ass making her hot and horny for her man.

“Jacob make love to me.”

“Baby I am,” he says in his deep sexy voice.

“Just relax and let me take in all of you.”

Samantha lay there with her face resting on her folded arms, eyes closed. Jacob runs his fingertips lightly from her shoulders to the curve of her ass as if he is trying to get a picture of her in his mind as a blind man would before turning her over.

He looks intently into her eyes. “Baby I don’t ever want to be without you.”

“Me neither,” she says brushing his hair to the side.

Jacob pushes her legs back on his way down between her legs.  He reaches up and pulls her nipples making them hard while he licks every part of her pussy.  Samantha is in ecstasy.  She can only fist her hands because she has nowhere to put them.  Samantha lifts her ass off the couch and involuntarily grinds against his face.  Jacob grabs her legs licking in a circular motion until she cums.  Jacob kisses the palm of her hand.  He makes his way back up to her neck.


He holds her legs and thrusts inside her while looking into her eyes. Samantha runs her nails into his back from the pleasure he is giving her. Jacob turns her over.  Samantha is now on all fours.

“I want you to take all of me,” he says stroking in and out.

“Oh shit,” she moans.

Samantha began to slam her ass backwards as he holds her waist. They move together in unison.  She takes all of him. Jacob leans over kissing her neck.  Samantha turns her head to kiss him.  Jacob leans back grabbing her hands.

He begins to move in a circular motion hitting her G spot each time.  The sensation is incredible.

“Give it to me baby, all of it.”

Her muscles contract around his dick again and again.  He lets her hands go to grab her waist, pushes deep inside her as he cums.  She let out a loud scream and collapses.  Samantha can’t see straight she tries collecting herself but can’t. Jacob pulls her body back against him and kisses her cheek.

“Baby breath.”

Samantha lays down in Jacob’s arms for just a bit before remembering they need to get back to the party.

She smiles, “Yes!”

They both go into the bathroom to clean up.

“Is my dress ok?”


Jacob places his hands on her face and looks at her as if he needs to remember her. He kisses passionately on her red lips. Their heads move from side to side.

“Samantha I love you.”

Samantha held onto his arms staring back at him.

“I love you too,” she says.

He pulls her into his warm embrace.

“I will see you downstairs,” says Jacob.

Samantha has no clue what is about to happen.

A little after 2 a.m. she goes to the kitchen to make sure it is completely clean when Nicki comes in.

“The cleaning crew is here to take down the tables,” says Nicki.

“Good because I’ll be leaving soon” Samantha says.

“Ok!” says Nicki.

The guys are there to kidnap Samantha they are working amongst the kitchen staff. Samantha walks to the walk in fridge to see if its cleaned out when Tony walks up behind her.

“Can you finish cleaning this out?” asks Samantha.

With chloroform, Tony knocks her out. Kirk takes her dress off and puts her in a huge black storage container.

Tony’s sister Tina, Samantha’s look alike, comes in and puts the dress on while Kirk covers the entrance so no one could come in.

Tina is wearing a prosthetic face mask and bronze spray tan to look exactly like Samantha. Tina exits through the back door. Tony and Kirk carry Samantha out to a white van, put her in the back and drives off.

“Jacob are you looking for Samantha?” asks Nicki.

“Yeah,” replies Jacob

“I saw her go outside. Maybe she went to the truck.

Have a goodnight!” says Nicki.

“Thanks, goodnight.”

“What?” Jacob thought to himself. He got in the truck and Samantha is sitting there looking out the window. Tina turns and looks at him. She motioned telling him to tell the driver to drive. Jacob is shocked. He isn’t expecting her to look exactly like Samantha.

“Uncanny right?” asks Tina.

“Don’t worry it’s a mask. When we get to the house I will appear drunk and you will help me into the house. You will then get a call from your Dad telling you your grandfather had a heart attack and you’ll go to Texas. I hope this girl knows how much you love her. Don’t worry about the van behind us, it’s Tony and Kirk.”

Jacob doesn’t say anything. He sits in silence just trying to keep his head in the game. When they arrive at the house Joey watches them go inside. Tina gets undressed and into the bed.

Jacob looks down at his phone as it rings. Jacob answers: “Hello.”

“Hey son, your Grandfather had a heart attack you need to get here fast!”

“Of course, on my way.”

Jacob leaves for the airport. Joey enters the house.

Tina is in the bedroom wearing a listening device so she could hear Kirk tell her where the man is in the house. Tina put some pillows in the bed to make it look like she is in the bed sleeping. Before he goes to grab who he thought was Samantha, he turns toward the presence behind him and there stands Tina. She instantly does a high kick to his face followed by a spin around kick knocking him against the wall. He lunges forward pushing her into the wall by the neck trying to choke her. She takes her arms up and around removing his hands from her neck. She pushes him away with her hands and with a swift kick; knocks him out.

Kirk drives Joey’s car into the garage throws Joey over his shoulder putting him in the trunk. They cleaned the room before they left.

Meanwhile Tony and Kirk arrive at the safe house where they sit Samantha in a chair tying her up and gagging her mouth so she wouldn’t try to escape when she came to.

Jacob arrives at his Grandfathers. The butler let Jacob in telling him the family is upstairs. Entering the bedroom he sees his Grandfather sleeping.

“Hey Dad. How is he?”

“The doctor said he has to take it easy or he will have to have open heart surgery.”

Jacob walks over to the bed.

“Papa its Jake Jr. I’m here. I love ya.”

Jacob left the room.

“Son go back to the house and get some rest. Your Mom will be happy you’re here,” says Jake.

“Ok Dad.”

Jacob goes back to his parents’ house. He throws on a T-Shirt leaving on his boxers. Jacob lay there starring at the wall in front of him where he made love to Samantha. He keeps thinking of her as he falls off to sleep.

The next morning Jacob goes downstairs to have breakfast with his family.

“How is your party baby?” asks Rebecca.

“Its perfect! Mom can I have some more bacon?”

“Sure hon.”

His dad enters the kitchen.

“Good morning son,” he says hitting him on the shoulder.

“Morning dad!”

“When you’re here with us is the only time we hear your country accent.”

“Where’s Samantha?” asks Rebecca.

“She’s at home because she knows yawl don’t care for her.”

“Jacob she’s welcome here anytime,” says Rebecca.

“I’m going riding. I’ll be back later.”

Jacob is dressed in full cowboy gear. A cowboy hat, T-Shirt, jeans, and cowboy boots. He needs to get his mind off everything so he goes to round up cattle. He looks out at his family’s land taking in all its beauty.

Later when he is leaving to go back to L.A. his Dad called him out to the garage.

“Hey Dad what’s up?”

“Papa wanted to give you a birthday gift.”

“Wow, an Aston Martin this is a beautiful car. What’s the catch? Let me guess, don’t marry Samantha.”

“No son it’s just a birthday gift. We’ll send it home.”

“I need to get home because I haven’t talked to Samantha all day. I will visit Papa on my way to the airport.”

Jacob hugs his parents and left.

The next day Jacob drove to a deserted dirt road. He calls his Father from a burner phone.

“Dad!” Jacob says frantic.

“Hey Jacob. Where are you calling me from?”

“Don’t worry about it,” says Jacob. “What the fuck is going on?” asks Jacob.

His Dad asks, “What are you talking about?”

“My girlfriend is gone!”

“Oh son I’m so sorry she left you!”

“You and Granddad are so full of shit! You won’t get away this!”

Jacob hangs up the phone dropping to his knees screaming, “Damn it!!!!!” He wanted this shit to be over.

He decides to stay at a hotel until it is over because he knows he can’t be there without Samantha.

Samantha came to trying to scream but can’t because her mouth is gagged.

She sits there in the dark. She is barefoot only wearing her corset and panties. She wonders why someone would kidnap her. Tony walks in the empty room.

“I will take the blindfold and gag off if you are going to behave. Shake your head if you’re going to behave.”

She shook her head yes. Tony took the blindfold and gag off.

Samantha asks, “Where am I?”

Tony replies, “Somewhere safe.”

“Where’s Jacob?” she asks.

Jacob is fine,” says Tony standing in front of Samantha.

Let me talk to you candidly. Jacobs’s family put a hit out on you last night. We had to keep you safe. If it wasn’t for us you would be sleeping with the fishes right now.”

“You see the Latters’ don’t want you making no mixed babies and mixing their pure Anglo Saxon blood line.”

“Jacob has been acting weird for a month now. I didn’t know why until now.” Who do you work for?” asks Samantha.

“That’s a minor thing! Don’t worry about that just focus on getting out of here,” says Tony.

“When this is over you will never have to go through this again. We are going to take care of his Grand Father and his Dad.

“If I were you I would really think twice about marrying into a family that would try to kill you,” says Tony.

“Now I’m going to untie you, but if you decide you want to fight Kirk in the other room will chloroform you again. Capisce?”

“Yes, I understand,” says Samantha.

“I’m going to take you to the other room so you can freshen up. You will be locked in the room.”

She goes to the bathroom to take a shower. Leary that someone may be watching, she undressed in the shower.

She washed her hair thinking how sad it is that she can’t be happy. What happened to finding love and happiness?

Not for me! There has to be some sort of drama. Do I leave Jacob because my possible in-laws; who wouldn’t ever know their grandchildren; tried to have me killed. She looks down at her shaking hands trying to hold herself together. She got out the shower walked into the bedroom finding a bag on the bed.

She looks inside only to find her clothes, which she is weird. At least she is able to put on some comfortable clothes. There’s a picture of her and Jacob in the bag. She sits on the bed leaning against the wall putting her hand over her mouth as she cries. She then lay down in the bed in a little ball holding the picture falling asleep.

Jacob arrives at the large gentlemen’s club. The hostess takes him to his seat. Samantha is dressed in a long jet black wig, with flawless makeup and ruby red lipstick. She is dressed in an all-black custom-made police shirt, patent leather shorts with fishnets, sunglasses, and boots up to her knees. Samantha and her four dancers walk out on the stage. Jacob is already drinking a glass of whiskey. They start the routine with chairs, then push the chairs back, turning their backs to him and placing their hands on their knees and popping their asses. They pick up the canes, twirling them in the air. Samantha jumps off the stage, placing one hand on Jacob’s shoulder and the other hand on her hip. Jacob can’t figure out if it’s Samantha or not. She turns around, places a hand on each of his thighs, and pops her ass close to his crotch.

“Would you like to go to a private room?”

“Yes,” he replies.

She pushes him down on the couch and removes her hat, placing it on the table. She places her foot on the couch as she leans in, whispering in his ear.

“You are gorgeous and good enough to eat. Your soon-to-be wifey says you can do whatever you want to me.”

“No, she didn’t say that! Trust me, she wouldn’t allow me to do that.”

She gets on her knees between his legs, touching his crotch. He grabs her hand, telling her no. She jumps on the couch, standing with her area close to his face. Without touching him, she jumps down, turning her back to him and starts to strip. She removes her shirt, just leaving on her corset, then removes her sunglasses. She walks up to him, running her finger along his bottom lip, now sitting on his lap. She dances, brushing her breasts in his face.

“Do you want to fuck me here?”

He starts to say her name, and she places her finger on his lips, then kisses him.

“Jacob, fuck me!” she says, kissing him hard on the lips and placing his hands on her breasts. “Jacob, you have a spell on me and I’m always wet for you,” she says, putting his finger in her mouth.

She passes him his drink, then she stands up to undo her underwear and remove her corset and shorts. She places his drink back on the table. She reaches down and unzips his pants to pull out his erection.

She turns her back to him, rubbing herself on him till she is dripping wet for him. She places his erection inside her. She balances her hands on the couch as she moves up and down. He removes her wig and the clips releasing her long hair. He grabs her by the back of her hair as he takes control and fucks her hard.

“You like that?” he says, breathing into her hair. “Stand up!” he commands. “Look at me now. Come here!”

Her eyes get big; she isn’t use to him being so aggressive. She sits facing him.

“Are you my bitch?”

“Yes,” she says.

He vigorously rubs her breasts. Samantha is so turned on. He picks her up, standing her back up. He then buttons his pants. He stands in front of her, kissing her, as he walks forward until her back is against the wall.

“Turn around and put your hands on the wall and spread your legs.” He places his hands on hers, whispering, “Call me Mr. Latters.”

Jacob kisses her neck. “Don’t tense up or I will make you lose total control. I don’t care who hears you scream. Mrs. Latters, don’t move!”

“Yes, Mr. Latters!” she replies.

He left one hand on hers, then takes his other hand, running it down her stomach between her legs, slowly rubbing her clit until she cums over and over. She feels shock waves through her body from her head to her toes.

“Jacob, I can’t stand!”

He turns her around, looking into her big brown eyes. He will not take his eyes off her; he wants to take in all of her facial expressions. He picks her up, unzipping his pants, pulling out his dick as she wraps her arms and legs around him. He places one hand against the wall and has the other one wrapped around her ass. He thrust hard, moving her up and down, up and down until she cums again.

“You will never leave me again, will you?” he asks.

She doesn’t respond; he then thrust hard. She screams, “Ouch! No, I won’t ever leave you again!”

He cums inside her then put her down on the floor. They fix their clothes. He pulls her hand, leading her back over to the leather couch to sit down. Then he turns to her, placing his hands on her face passionately kissing her. She knew in that moment that he can’t take her leaving him again; it makes her heart hurt with sadness. For now on, she will stand up for her man like she did earlier that day.

“Let’s go,” Jacob says.

Samantha runs to the back to grab her stuff. Jacob put his jacket on Samantha’s shoulders as they walk out to the truck. The paparazzi snaps their photos. Jacob put one hand up, motioning for them to stop. Jacob gets in the passenger side of the Bentley truck. Samantha drives off. Samantha reaches over, touching his face. There is a sort of unhappiness in his eyes.

When they arrive home, Jacob goes to the kitchen to get something to eat and drink. He sits down on the couch to watch TV. Samantha takes a shower, then goes downstairs naked.

She stands in front of Jacob, putting one foot on the couch with her arms folded, asking him to come upstairs. He kisses her inner thigh, placing his hands on her butt, holding her in front of him. She loosens up and runs her hands through his hair.

“Jacob, what’s wrong?”

“You,” he replies.

“You didn’t like my performance?”

“I loved it. You have a way of getting me so happy, then disappearing,” he says in his handsome, deep voice.

“It just scares me! I see that we have a hold over each other. Agreed?” asks Jacob.

He kisses her inner thigh again as he moves to licking between her legs, then stops to look up at her.

Again he asks, “Do you agree?”

“Yes,” she affirms.

He lay her on the couch, telling her not to move, while he takes off all his clothes. He goes back down between her legs, kissing and licking every part of her, then sucking her clit until she cums. He lay down behind her, kissing her neck and rubbing her stomach. He places his knee in between her legs as he enters her, slowly making love to her. He massages her breasts. Her mouth is partly open. He feels so good inside of her.

She pushes back down on him as they move in opposite directions, coming back together. Their lovemaking is so private and intense.

“Jacob, I need to see your face,” she says.

He then lay her flat on her back entering her again. She strokes his cheek.

“I’m not ever leaving again,” she murmurs.

But Jacob is distant, as if he doesn’t believe her. She pushes him up so she can sit in his lap.

“Jacob, I need you to believe me,” she says, kissing him, not closing her eyes.

Samantha rides him slow moving up and down then in a circular motion until he can’t keep his eyes open any more because he’s in heaven.

“Fuck, you feel so good!” he says.

“Come for me,” she whispers. “Baby, I love you.”

He grabs her by the back of her hair as she moans, pulling her away from him, bracing her so he can look at her, using his other hand to pull her toward him. Jacob’s breathing is rushed as he thrust faster and faster.

Samantha screams, “Oh my God!” as they climax together.

She falls against him, exhausted. They lay in each other’s arms, falling asleep.

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