Not Giving Up Excerpts


“Hey Rob can you handle the bar by yourself for awhile?”

“Yeah man I got it.”

“Thanks,” I replied as I grabbed a beer.

I walked around the house looking for Zoey trying not to look to excited.

Great there she is dancing with her friends. I can’t help but to smile. Damn she’s beautiful. There I stand leaning against the wall across the room drinking my beer, watching her.

How I long to taste her lips again. I made my way over to her on the dance floor.

I leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Thank you for coming tonight.”

Her hair smelled like roses. She was wearing a skin tight short strappy black dress.

“You’re welcome,” she smiled up at me.

“You changed your hair.”

“Yeah, women do that you know. Hey meet my friends.

“Stacey, Tamika this is Brandon.”

“Nice to meet you both,” I said shaking their hands.

“Hi Brandon,” they both sang.

“Zoe he’s cute!” they cooed.

Zoey just smiled.

“Do you mind if I steal your friend for a little while ladies?”

“Sure go ahead we are going to mingle a bit,” said Stacey winking then taking Tamika’s hand leading her through the crowd.

A slow song came on. “Dance with me Zoey.” I didn’t give her a chance to think about it I just wrapped her arms around my neck.

I pulled her closer so should could feel how much I missed her. She pulled back from with a smile.

“Oh you really have been thinking about me I’m impressed. It seems you want more than just to see me,” she teased.

“I do but I would like to get to know you better first.”

“Humm that’s odd I don’t get the feeling you get to know a lot of women first before you fuck them.”

I smiled down at her. “You’re right I don’t.”

A new song came on with a fast beat.

I ran my hand along her cheek as I leaned down to kiss her lips.

It was as if time stood still. I didn’t care who saw us. I just knew in that moment I had to taste her.

“I’ve waited days to do that,” I said in between a string of long kisses.


We walked out to my truck in silence. I opened the passenger door of my Range Rover for her. I sat behind the steering will for a moment then looked over at her.

“What’s wrong?” Zoey asked.

I turned to her. “Listen I do have sex with a lot of different women. Many of them were in the Frat house. Look I like you a lot. I don’t know why I like you over all the other women but it’s you. At this moment I’m not interested in another woman. If we both decide after a couple of dates that we don’t want to see each other fine. Then that’s it.”

“Wait hold on who said we will make it past tonight.”

“Baby trust me we will,” I assured her as we drove away.

“Changing the subject are you rich,” Zoey asked blatantly.

“Yes. Why?”

“Just wondered how you’re able to drive an expensive truck like this and you attend Harvard. I recall you mentioned your tuition was paid and you are almost finished with medical school. Which means you’re not making a doctor’s salary yet.”

“Does it make a difference?”

“No just wondered. I just remember when I shook your hand the other day it was smooth like you never performed manual labor,” she said looking over at me.

“Well I come from a long host of doctors and even though I could be anything I want I still chose to be a doctor. My grandfather expects my kids and my kids, kids to carry on the tradition.”

“Do you have kids?” asked Zoey.

“No. Do you?”

“No,” she responded looking out the window.

I wanted to ask her if her future plans included getting married and having kids, but she changed the subject.

“My favorite season is Spring. What’s yours?”

“I love summer! Just enjoying the sun against my skin is good enough for me. Nonetheless I love water sports, camping, and hunting. I know you like Ice skating but do you like camping?”

“I don’t know I’ve never been. I am open to the experience.”

“Well stick with me baby I’ll have you all over this world,” I winked.

We pulled into the parking garage of my condo. I opened her door, took her hand in mines, and proceeded to my condo on the top floor. She didn’t make eye contact with me in the elevator. After exiting the elevator I pulled her close to me as we continued down to the end of the hall, kissing the top of her head. When we got to my door I put my key in the lock and I pulled her in front of me. I looked down at her and I immediately indulged on her beautiful purple lips. I turned the key opening my door. She stepped in and looked around my spacious home.

“Its beautiful!” she said with a smile.

“What would you like to drink?”

“Something strong.”

“Two Scotches on the rocks coming right up.”

She walked around looking at my family photos and my art. I walked over and grabbed her hand pulling her back over to the kitchen.

“Have a seat.”

I got on my knees in front of her, removed her shoes, and then rubbed her feet a bit. She watched me while drinking her scotch. I can’t help but to laugh as she tried to tolerate the burn of the alcohol going down her throat.

“You said you wanted something strong to drink,” I said as I stood up to kiss her lips.

“Are you trying to forget about our night?”

“No! Its just been a long time since the last time I had sex.

“I promise to take it slow.”


I pulled her to her feet.


“I bet I know what will make you happy!” I said as I pulled her up in my arms carrying her to my bedroom.


“Wait my drink.”


“Don’t worry about it. I’ll bring it in soon,” I replied sitting her on the bed. I ran to retrieve our drinks and her shoes. I closed my bedroom door, passed her the drink, and placed her shoes in my closet. I sat next to her while we drank our scotch.


“Zoey I want more from you than just sex,” I replied while kissing her ear and rubbing her back.


“I only want sex,” she whispered.


“I’m not buying it.”


I licked her from the base of her neck up to her chin. I stood in front of Zoey, stripped down completely naked. I helped her to remove her dress, bra and panties. Zoey’s eyes widened when she observed my manhood then her eyes met mines.


“Don’t worry baby I won’t hurt you. I need you to put your stilettos back on for this.”


I retrieved her stilettos, bent down placing them back on her feet.


I pulled Zoey up off the bed and leaned down capturing her lips within mines. I sucked on her bottom lip, down the side of her neck, and back to her lips. The harder I pressed my lips into hers the further my dick rose to the occasion. It pressed against her stomach while our moaning turned to groaning. I released her lips only to take her by the hand over to the mirror in the corner of my room. I pulled her in front of me so our reflections stared back at us.


“When was the last time a man pleased you?”


“Years,” she whispered.


“Humm,” I stated. That’s all about to change. I want to be the man to please you if you’ll let me,” I said to her looking into her eyes.


I don’t give her a chance to respond I again take her lips into mine while placing both my hands on her breast massaging firmly.


I smirked, “I’m going to make you cum now. Do not close your eyes or take your eyes off of yourself. Do you understand?” I commanded while looking at her in the mirror.


“Yes,” she affirmed.


I slid my hands down either side of her beautiful brown body. This woman oozes sex.


“Zoey I can’t wait to learn all of your cum faces.” I affirmed as I looked deep into her eyes.


I moved my hand from her thigh to her mound. I traced my finger through the barley there hairs, slipped my index finger down into her pussy then slide my finger through her wet trenches with ease.


“Baby did you cum without me?” I asked biting down on her ear slightly.


“No,” she breathed.


“Zoey you do something to me that I can’t explain.”


“Same here,” she said smiling.



I put my thumb in her mouth while I played with her clit. I watched her suck my thumb while I drove her crazy with my other two fingers.


“Zoey baby are you ready to cum?”


I removed my thumb from her mouth so she could answer.


“Yes.” Her eyes squinted, she clenched her teeth together as she rode her first orgasm. I placed my two soaking wet fingers into my mouth licking them clean while she watched with lustful eyes.


I looked into her eyes through the mirror. “Zoey you taste so sweet. I will be tongue fucking that beautiful pussy of yours,” I stated while I wrapped her in my arms. It is something special about you Zoey Robinson.”


“You said you weren’t going to fuck me.”


“Sweetheart that’s just one component of it. Tonight is about us getting to know each other sexually.” Tomorrow I’ll get into Zoey’s brain. Tonight your body.”


“Brandon,” she said looking at me with pain behind her eyes.


I don’t know who hurt her but I have to make it right. No woman walking this earth should have to go through that especially not this one. I’m trying desperately not to fall hard for her but I can’t help it. I just know this is the woman I want nobody else. I only want to please her.


“Brandon what’s wrong?” she asked turning to face me. She ran her hand down the side of my face so tenderly.


I had to have her now. I grabbed her face and sent my lips crashing into hers repeatedly.


“I need you Zoey.”


Shit this woman is making me weak.


“Baby I’m here,” she replied.


“Zoey I need you to leave whatever you’ve done to other men out of this room and I will leave what I’ve done to other women out as well. I picked her up into my arms and carried her over to my bed. “Its just about me and you.”


She smiled at me as if she was relieved. I wasn’t expecting that. I laid her down and I hovered over her looking into those big brown eyes.


“Stand up,” she commanded.


I stood at the foot of the bed. Zoey stood on her knees in front of me. She put her finger in her mouth, looked over my body to see where she wanted to start. She ran her hand over my chest, abs then kissed my chin down to my nipples. She rested her hands on my hips while she twirled her tongue around each of my nipples continuously. She jumped out of the bed and drank some of her now watered down scotch, returned to me now standing behind me. I felt her hands on my arms and something cold go down the middle of my back. The sensation was nice. The cold sensation went all the way down to the small of my back. She sat her empty glass down then walked up onto my bed standing in front of me.


“Take me,” she demanded.


Shit I obliged. I swooped her up into my arms laying her back down on the bed pulling her underneath me to the top of the bed. My masculine room swallowed us whole, all the perfect furniture meant nothing unless it was going to serve a purpose. I reached over into my nightstand drawer pulling out a magnum condom. She watched as I sat back on my knees rolling it down my shaft. Zoey in turn sat up grabbed my dick stroking it up and down, leaned forward and kissed the head of my dick then looked into my eyes.


“Uh uh not now. Not saying I don’t want you to do that but not right now,” I said as I pushed her back down on the bed. “I need to taste every inch of your body.”

I kissed her lips, sucked on her neck, continued down to her beautiful 36c size breasts. Pretty sure that’s the size since I’ve seen so many in my day. I ran my tongue all over her breasts. I sucked on each nipple until they were hard and at attention. Zoey placed her hands in my curly brown and blonde mane. I kissed the sides of her stomach down to her belly button. She giggled when I licked her belly button. Letting me know it was a sensitive spot for her. I slowly kissed and licked her thighs down to her feet. I wanted to please her in every way. I sat up on my knees again pushing her legs open so I can see her pretty pussy. Her brown exterior had been hiding her pink center. I dove right in. I licked from her ass to her clit and back again. I used my fingers to pull back her folds so I could suck on her labia.


“Brandon,” she screamed.


“Scream as loud as you want to baby.”


I felt like I was home. I couldn’t get enough of the way she tasted. I watched in amazement as her wetness pooled to the surface and I lapped it up. I caught her third orgasm between my teeth as I clinched her clit. It was like a water fall. I have never seen that happen before it was almost like she couldn’t turn it off. I love the effect I have on her as I watch her body convulse then I drink all of her again. I need to watch her cum one more time as I please her with my mouth. I know I mentioned before that I don’t eat too much pussy. Its not that I don’t like to I have just been waiting for the right one and I found her.


“Damn baby your pussy taste so good,” I moaned.


I placed my lips against her pussy then I sucked each inch. It was happening again as if a volcano was about erupt. I licked then sucked and sucked her clit. She lost total control. I gripped her legs tighter with my arms. I wanted her to be free with me.


“Brandon come her,” she breathed.


I didn’t get my chance to tongue fuck her. I will get another chance later I wiped my mouth slowly with the back of my hand before leaning down kissing her lips. I pushed my tongue into her mouth just as I slid my dick inside her.


“Oh she moaned against my lips as she got adjusted to my size, but once she did, that was it. She squeezed my ass, I put her hands up over her head with one hand and grabbed her leg with the other. I don’t want to come quick but this woman has pussy wiped me. She is so fucking tight. I moved in a circular motion pleasing us both.


“Brandon right there,” she murmured then bit down on her bottom lip. I released her hands. She wrapped her shaky arms around my neck.


“Zoey are you ok?”


“Um hum,” she responded as she threw her head back. I continued taking long strokes back and forth. I gripped her ass with both hands and took it home. I waited for her to say she’s cumming as I pushed harder and faster inside her.


“Zoey cum for me baby!” And just like that she did. We were dripping wet with sweat. I looked down at her as I caressed her face with one hand and my other hand gripping her ass tighter as I thrust back and forth inside her until I came.


“Um,” I grunted out.


“Shit Zoey I think that may have been just about the best pussy I have ever had,” I said falling to her side trying desperately to catch my breath. I pulled her into my arms kissing her beautiful full lips.


“I think we may have met our match. Because baby that was amazing!” said Zoey.


“Zoey reached in the drawer for another condom. She took the old one off throwing it to the floor. She rolled the new condom down my dick, sat on my stomach while she stroked my staff up and down then eased down on it slowly.


“Ouch,” she screamed before she found her rhythm. I watched her ride me like a bull. Damn this woman knows just how to please me. She moved her ass in a circle then bounced up and down on my dick as she ran her hands through her hair then over her breasts. I grabbed her ass trying so hard not to cum.


“Brandon cum for me,” she whispered.


And just like that I did. She eased off my dick into my arms.


“Brandon I don’t do this,” she whispered.


“We will discuss this later. I do have one question for you. Do you like me a little or a lot?” I asked smiling at her.


She looked into my grey eyes. “To damn much!”


“Well Zoey I believe you have made my month. Just know the feeling is mutual,” I said running my hand through her hair and holding her tight as we fell off to sleep.

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