The Set Dilemma Excerpts

The Set Dilemma Excerpt
We arrived at the airport about thirty minutes later. Ann instructed me to drive onto the tar mac.
When I got close to the plane I saw my enemy; Jack Hamilton walking down the stairs of the jet. I helped Ann out the car. She gave an awkward smile to us both.
Jack frowned at me.
“Hello my name is David Wells Ann’s boyfriend,” I said shaking his hand.
“Jack Hamilton,” he stated.
He looked over at Ann trying to read her face.
“Jack give Audrey my regards. Our families do business together,” I stated.
“I will,” he said.
“Jack can you give us a minute?” I asked.
“Oh yes of course,” he said. He stood near the stairs to the airplane.
I placed my hands on Ann’s shoulders. “Listen I know you’re not happy with me for telling him I’m your boyfriend but what difference does it make he’s married!” I stated as I looked into her eyes then aggressively taking her lips into mine holding them hostage. She brushed my chest with her hands as I squeezed her tight.
“I wish I didn’t have to leave,” admitted Ann against my lips.
“What hotel are you staying at?” I asked.
“The New Yorker,” she replied.
“I will call you in the morning,” I said with a smile.
She whispered in my ear, “When we meet in New York will you make me cum?”
My dick got hard at the sound of her words. I adjusted myself in my pants.
“Baby every time,” I assured running the back of my hand down the side of her cheek.
The airport staff walked pass us to take Ann’s luggage from the trunk of my 1944 Black Buick Convertible.
She smiled. “I have to board the plane,” she said.
“Let them leave I can have my jet fueled up and ready to go in no time! It would give me more time to feast between your lushes legs,” I said pushing my tongue into her mouth again.
She pushed me back. “David!”
“Alright looks like I will be beating my meat again tonight,” I said in frustration.
She laughed, “Well hopefully not that much longer.”
“Goodbye David.”
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