Relentless Chase

Jonathan dropped his luggage at his sides then crashed his lips into mine. He held me firmly in his arms.
“Sydney, I love the way your ass looks in those jeans. However, I would rather see you butt naked,” he smiled.
“That can definitely be arranged,” I smiled as I unlocked the door.
Jonathan grabbed his bags. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pushed my tongue into his mouth. He pushed me through the door then dropped his bags on the floor once inside. He kicked the door closed behind us leaving our apartment dark except for the glimmer of light coming from the bathroom down the hall. No words were said as he led me straight to our bedroom. We quickly shed one another’s clothes.
He picked me up throwing me up against the wall. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. I placed my hands on his face, slamming my lips into his. Jonathan carried me across the room to retrieve a condom from the night stand. I grabbed the condom from his hand, ripped open the package then slid it down over his dick.
He smirked at me then pushed deep within my tight walls.
He let out a loud groan into my ear. “Damn you feel so good. I don’t think I could ever let you go,” he breathed.
I pulled his faced up to gaze into his big grey eyes. I devoured his lips again.
“Sydney, baby I love you!”
“Jonathan, I love you too,” I moaned into his neck.
“I want it to be just me and you forever,” he murmured.
“Fuck!” I shouted as he pushed deeper inside me.
The length of his dick made me beg for more as it owned the inside of my pussy.
If Jonathan didn’t know how to do anything else, he knew how to please the fuck out of me.
My nails dug deep into his shoulders while he continued to circle inside me. He gripped my ass with one hand while he held his other hand against the wall.
“This pussy is mine,” he stated as he gazed into my eyes.
I closed my eyes and threw my head back as my body quaked with ecstasy from the explosive orgasm.
My head dropped forward onto his shoulder. My chest heaved in and out. I pressed my lips against his sweat glistening shoulder.
“That was so good,” I whispered.
“It sure was,” he said as he laid me down on the bed then slapped my ass.
I propped myself up on my elbow so I could watch his sexy brown tight ass walk into the bathroom.
Jonathan is 6’1 with golden brown skin. He has sexy dimples and gorgeous panty dropping grey eyes. He wears his hair in a low-cut fade. His eight pack is proof he spends a lot of time in the gym.
I threw my back against the bed in awe. Damn, I thought to myself. That man is so fine. I would love to be with him forever if only he wanted to get married and have a family one day. Jonathan wants to be with me in a committed relationship but on his terms. He loves to travel and is a workaholic. He feels kids would only slow us down. He said he knew I was the woman he wanted to be with forever after our first conversation. I am 5’5 with light brown eyes. Jonathan loves my milk chocolate skin and my big round ass. My short blonde and black bob makes me look fierce. I don’t wear a full face of make-up that often especially not in the court room. I am a corporate attorney. When men see, me walk into the courtroom they get swept away by my cute looks and coke bottle shape. They think I will use my looks to win a case instead of my brains. However, my intellect gets them every time.
I love traveling and enjoy the finer things in life. Jonathan and I make more than enough money to support a family. He is a successful sports agent repping some of the best in the business. I met Jonathan Myers at a company function. My firm has a large range of clients from the corporate tax evader to athletes.
“Baby! Baby!” he called.
“Huh,” I responded popping back to reality.
“What were you deep in thought about?” he asked leaning over kissing my lips.
“I was thinking about you and how good you make me feel,” I smiled.
“Good! Keep that thought because I’m about to make you cum again. I can’t wait to sink my dick into that tight pussy!” he said picking me up, throwing me over his shoulder, and carrying me into the shower.

After our shower, I put on blue boy shorts and a pink tank top. Jonathan threw on a white wife beater and Laker basketball shorts. Jonathan called our favorite restaurant to place a delivery order. Once our food arrived we placed our carryout containers on the coffee table in front of the couch. Just like that Jonathan was back at work while watching the New Orleans Saints vs the Atlanta Falcons football game. He loves anything to do with sports. When we go out with our friends he spends most of the time talking about sports.
Jonathan just got back into town from San Francisco. He met with Taynard Morris, a running back for the San Francisco 49ers. He was looking to play for his dream team, the New England Patriots, one of the top teams in the business. Jonathan was able to sign him on a contingent deal. On one condition, that he got him his contract. Jonathan did just that.
I didn’t mind Jonathan being a workaholic because I was too. This was normally how we spent our nights. Jonathan focused on the game and stats of each player while and I worked on my laptop preparing for my next case.
Later that night I couldn’t sleep. I laid in Jonathan’s arms staring at the ceiling. I’m thirty years old living with the man of my dreams. What more could a girl want? Why didn’t I look past his handsome face and focus on the red flags? He didn’t want to get married nor did he want a family; ever. I’ve always wanted a family. I love kids. I hate thinking that my wonderful relationship with the man I love hangs in the balance all because I have to have a precious baby.

Once Jonathan returned home from his trip we were nothing but busy. Nevertheless, I make it a point to drop by his office once a week and have lunch with him. I won’t lie the way the women stare at me when I walk through the office works my nerves. They are waiting for him to be single again. What I love about Jonathan is he only has eyes for me. Jonathan was sitting on the desk in his office that has wall to wall windows. He was wearing his headset which meant he was probably working a deal. Nothing broke Jonathans concentration. He flashed his big beautiful smile at me then walked out of his office to greet me. He drove the women in the office crazy when he did that.
He mouthed to me, “Hi baby.”
“Yes, Tim this is what our boy wants $30 million over three years,” he said before he leaned down to kiss my lips.
He grabbed my hand, lead me into his office, and closed the door behind us. I sat our lunch on the table across the room where we always ate. I told him he needed to buy a table where he could eat comfortably while he worked since he was there roughly thirteen hours a day sometimes.
“Alright Tim I expect to hear from you by 6 p.m. this evening, good-bye.”
He hung up his wireless headphone set then laid it on his desk.
“Yes!” he shouted raising his fist in the air.
I walked over to him pressing my lips against his, feeling his soft warm lips always made me feel good.
“I love you baby,” I stated with a half smile.
“We are celebrating tonight,” he confirmed.
“Where would you like me to make reservations?” I asked.
“Aria in Buckhead. I want you to wear that sexy red dress tonight that accents that pretty fat ass of yours.”
“That can be arranged,” I said turning to walk towards the table.
I opened a bottle of water, then took a swig.
“Sydney is something wrong?”
I placed the water bottle back down on the table.
He moved closer to me raising my chin forcing me to look into his eyes.
“Nothing is wrong,” I uttered.
“Sydney, then why are you twisting your ring finger? You only do that when you’re upset about something.”
He pushed me to the edge of the table leaving no space between us.
“Jonathan, they are watching.”
He glanced out the window everyone immediately returned to their tasks.
He grabbed the remote off the table then let the shutters down. “That’s better,” he said pushing our lunch to the other end of the table. He hoisted me up on the table.
He placed his hands on my face. “Baby how many times do I have to tell you a wedding ring doesn’t define you; doesn’t define us. I only want to be with you,” he said kissing my lips.
“And to please you,” he whispered as he pushed my skirt up, slid his finger into my panties then into my core.
“Umm,” I breathed.
I held onto the nap of his neck as I pushed my tongue past his lips capturing his tongue. My mind was hazy but the thought was still there; I wanted to be his wife.
“Are you on the pill?” he asked against my lips.
“No and why would you ask that now?” I asked.
“Baby we’ve been together for two years and we don’t plan on being with anyone else so why won’t you get on the pill?” he asked as he pushed his manhood against my mound.
I scrunched my eyebrows together. The anger was building from within. “Because I want a baby with you and I want to be your wife,” I pleaded as I grabbed his shirt.
His erection was gone instantly.
“Why do you do that?”
“Do what?” I asked.
Ruin a perfectly good moment with the talk of kids,” he seethed stepping away from me.
“Sydney I’m done discussing this. For the last time, I don’t ever want kids! Please don’t push the issue! Now I told you that you alone make me that happiest man in the world. I don’t want a child who I would never see because of my demanding work schedule.
“Jonathan,” I said with sadness behind my eyes.
“Oh, so what me putting a ring on your finger is going to make you feel better about us?” he spat.
“Jon that is not what I’m saying. I’m saying if we are meant to be I should be able to share your last name. I’m just asking you to think about it. Baby I love you,” I said walking over to him in the middle of the room crashing my lips into his.
“Did you hear me? I love you,” I said firmly holding his face in my hands.
“I hear you Sydney. You just refuse to hear me.”
His grey eyes pierced my soul. I finally heard him. I knew then he wasn’t going to ever change his mind.
“Knock, knock.”
“Who is it?” Jonathan asked.
I stepped back from Jonathan, grabbed my purse and headed for the door.
“Sydney, I’ll see you at home.”
I opened the door; trying to hold back my tears. “Hello Allen,” I said with watery eyes.
“Hey Sydney,” he said confusingly.
“I can come back,” Allen said.
“I’m leaving,” I said pushing past him.
“See you at home Jonathan,” I stated as I continued on my way.
Everyone was a blur in passing due to the tears that were forming in my eyes.
I rushed through the hall toward the elevator but I realized I couldn’t make it to my car fast enough so I slipped into the restroom. I closed the stall door behind me. I pulled off half the roll of tissue, then plunged my face into my hands; crying my eyes out.
I was mad at myself for thinking I could change this man’s mind. I admit he was very clear about what he wanted and didn’t want early on. I was hoping when he fell in love with me he would change his mind and want the whole package with me. I sobbed. I have to pull myself together. My phone started vibrating. I reached into my purse and pulled out my cell.
The text read:
Rich: Where are you? You have court in an hour. You need to get to the court house so we can go over the case.
I replied back: I got tied up. I’m on my way.
I got so wrapped up in myself I lost track of time. I have to pull myself together.
I rushed out of the stall, threw the used tissues in the garbage and fixed my make-up.
An older woman walked into the restroom. I blew my nose then checked my appearance in the mirror.
“Dear are you ok?” she asked walking closer to me.
“I’m fine thanks,” I sniffled.
“Oh, I know that tone. It tells me you’re really not ok.”
“Ma’am no offense I don’t know you I can’t just start spilling my guts.”
“All the reason for you to tell me. We may not see each other again. Listen I’ve been around for a long time. I’ve learned it’s good to get it off your chest. Just think you don’t know me so I can’t be bias for you or him.”
“How did you know there was a him?” I asked.
“Honey there almost always is.”
I stood there in silence for a moment.
“To make a long story short. My boyfriend loves me. He doesn’t want to get married or have a family. He just wants it to be me and him. However, I want to get married and have a family. He told me upfront he didn’t want that,” I said in one breathe.
“Honey its very rare that a man will change his mind about something like that. If he does give you what you want. Your relationship could change for the worse. Sounds like he doesn’t want to be a bad dad. I think you know what you need to do if you want a family. I understand how captivating a man can be to make you second guess if you can live without what you really want in life. Now if you can go through life filling that void with something else such as travel or shopping and the love of your man; than fine. I just don’t want you sitting in the park when you’re my age watching kids play wondering what your life could have been like if you hadn’t given up on what you really wanted.”
I glanced at myself one more time in the mirror.
“I better get to court,” I stated as I looked down at my watch.
“Thank you so much for the advice,” I said hugging her.
“You’re welcome I hope it helped.”
I turned back to her before leaving the restroom. “It did.”

I arrived at the court house with fifteen minutes to spare. I ran up the stairs in my stilettos, reaching down into my brief case searching for me ID. I looked down briefly as I continued scrambling. Just as I grabbed it, I felt myself run smack into someone feeling hot coffee splash on my hand and chest.
“Ouch!” I yelled.
“Shit!” he shouted.
He must have been exiting the court house as I was about to enter. I looked up into the man’s eyes briefly then looked down at his soaked shirt.
I grabbed a few tissues from my bag and began dabbing his shirt trying desperately to relieve some of the pain.
“Sir I am so sorry!” I stated with wide eyes.
“I should have been watching where I was going. The least I could do is pay for your dry cleaning,” I stated.
A sort of calmness came over him. His emerald green eyes flickered at me as he flashed his handsome smile.
He retrieved a handkerchief from his inside jacket pocket then began wiping his shirt. “That won’t be necessary. Ms.?”
“Sydney Chambers attorney at law,” I said taking the handkerchief from his hand and began bloating his shirt.
I could tell he takes care of his body. Each time I pressed my hand against him I could feel his strong muscular chest. He gently grabbed my hand removing the handkerchief from it.
“It’s ok. I’m ok. I will live. What about you? You got coffee on your jacket,” he said.
“I’ll be fine. I’ll remove my jacket before I try my case. Well if you change your mind here is my card. Call me and I will be happy to pay the dry-cleaning bill? Mr.?”
“Sebastian Johansen,” he replied.
“Well goodbye,” I smiled.
Why did I smile at him like I was a school girl? I thought.
“Goodbye Ms. Chambers. Good luck in court.”
I nodded, turned, then walked into the court building.
I’m so happy I prepped for this case last night.
I poked my head into the waiting room. “Rich, come on. I’m ready for court.”
Rich grabbed the briefs, placed them in the folder, and hurried out of the room.
“What happened to your jacket?” he asked.
“It’s a long story I will explain later. I’ll take my jacket off once we are in court.”
Rich laid my briefs and pleadings on the table in front me. I unbuttoned my jacket then draped my navy-blue suit jacket across the back of the chair. Rich and I shook our clients hand before starting our case.

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